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Bylaws revised 2019 (pdf)


NYRCHA ByLaws ~ Revised January 2016

    Governing By-Laws

                           Revised July 2019

Article I Name

This organization shall be known as the New York Reined Cow Horse Association (NYRCHA), and shall at all times be operated and conducted as a non-profit association in accordance with the laws of the United State and State of New York 

Article II Purpose

The purpose of the NYRCHA is to perpetuate traditional methods of training reined cow horses; to stimulate interest in the training, owning, breeding and/or exhibition of reined cow horses; to promote interest in reined cow horses among younger horsemen in the Northeast and promote reined cow horse events and participation of all members in sponsored events according to standard rules of National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) 

Article III Membership, Dues and Voting Power

   Section 1. Eligibility for Membership: Membership shall be open to any interested person regardless of state or country in which he/she resides. New and renewing members must submit a written application for membership accompanied by the appropriate dues. Individual; Family, including children up to age 18 and younger; Farms and Organizations are eligible for membership. 

   Section 2. Membership Year: The membership year commences on November 16 and ends on November 15. 

   Section 3. Member in Good Standing, Expulsion and Suspension: A member whose dues or other payments are not in arrears is considered a “member in good standing” unless suspended or expelled by the Board of Directors, as provided herein. All riders of competing horses at NYRCHA approved shows must be a member in good standing. Any member who is expelled or suspended by the NRCHA, NRHA or any other Breed Association including but not limited to AQHA, APHA, APHA, for causes prejudicial to the NYRCHA, may be expelled or suspended by the NYRCHA Board of Directors. Members of NYRCHA shall be admitted, retained and expelled in accordance with such rules and regulations as the NYRCHA Board of Directors may, from time to time, adopt. Use of due process will be adhered to in any case of expulsion or suspension. Any resigning or expelled member forfeits all rights to any property of the NYRCHA and without refund of dues or entry fees paid.  

  1. Humane Treatment horses/cattle. The NYRCHA takes very seriously the welfare of the great horses we are devoted to as well as the cattle that are used in the events. See NRCHA

   Section 4. Voting: In all matters governed by the vote of the members each individual membership in good standing shall be entitled to one vote and each family membership in good standing shall be entitled to two votes. Farms or other organizations are considered a family membership. Only due-paying members in good standing over the age of 16 can vote. Election of officers shall be by secret ballot vote by the general membership. 

  1. At the annual meeting, if only one person is nominated, the secretary shall cast one official ballot for the nominee
  2. You must be a current member to make a nomination or to accept a nomination. All nominations must be accepted by the nominee.

Article IV Officers and Additional Duties. 

All officers and directors must be members or the NRCHA. 

   Section 1. Officers:  

a. Governing Body of the NYRCHA. The general management of the affairs of the NYRCHA and the governing body shall be the Board of Directors made up of seven members which shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasure, Director, Green Director and Youth Director. No person may hold more than one office at the same time.

b. President. The President shall be the Chief Operating Officer of the NYRCHA, shall serve as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, and shall preside at all meetings of the NYRCHA. The President shall appoint all standing and special committees, unless otherwise provided for, and he/she shall be a member ex-official all such committees. He/she shall see that the By-Laws, rules, regulations and motions of the NYRCHA are enforced, and shall perform all other duties that may be prescribed from time to time by the Board of Directors.

c. Vice President. In the absence of the President, the Vice President, shall have the powers and perform the duties of the President and such other duties as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors.  

d. Secretary. The Secretary shall keep a record of the business of the NYRCHA, have charge of all correspondence of membership. 

e. Treasurer. The Treasurer shall be custodian of all money received and shall deposit such money in a timely manner in a bank in the name of NYRCHA. All cash received recorded by receipt and verified by another officer. The Treasurer shall disburse funds only by check as authorized by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall sign all checks unless absent or unavailable, in which case checks may be signed by the president. The treasurer will keep a register of the names, email addresses and addresses of members in good standing and receive all membership dues and notify any member who is in arears.

f. Director. The Director shall have the duty of promoting NRCHA sanctioned riders and events. They are to assist at both sanctioned and non-sanctioned shows and promotional events. The Director will be the voice of open level riders at board meetings. 

g. Green Director. The Green Director shall have the duty of promoting of green riders. They are to assist at shows and promotional events to help green riders determine their riding and horse’s status within the NYRCHA. They will be the voice of the green riders at board meetings. 

h. Youth Director. The Youth Director shall have the duty of promoting youth riders. They will also serve as a direct line of communication between the NYRCHA and other youth related organizations. They are to assist at shows and promotional events to help youth riders determine their riding status within the NYRCHA and NRCHA. They will be the voice of youth riders at board meetings.  

i. Term. The initial year the NYRCHA started was January 2009. At which time the President, Secretary and Director accepted a two-year term 2009-2010 with new election or reelection every two years to follow. The Vice President, Treasurer and Green Director accepted a one-year term 2009 and newly elected of re-election to take place every two years from thereafter. The addition of the Youth Director was made in 2016 accepting a one-year term 2016 and therefore follows with the President, Secretary and Director’s election years. All newly elected Officers shall assume their responsibilities of office and duties immediately following elections. This method of elections is to keep one half of the board retained a year for historical and political values.  

j.  Vacancy. In case of any vacancy of an Officer by death, resignation, disqualification or other cause the Board of Directors shall appoint a qualified successor from the general membership to serve for the remainder of the term.  

k. Attendance at Meetings. Any Officer who is absent from three consecutive meetings of the Board of Directors may be removed from office by the Board of Directors.

l. Meetings and Quorum. With prior notice to all Officers, Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held whenever called by the president or by a consensus of two-thirds of the current Officers. NYRCHA business may be conducted by conference call or e-mail, with one hundred percent of the Board of Directors polled and votes recorded. A simple majority of the total number of Officers at a regular Board of Directors meeting shall constitute quorum to conduct business. Any member in good standing may attend and observe any meeting of the Board of Directors. Minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors will be recorded. 

m. Power and Authority. The Board of Directors Shall have the power and authority to make, amend, repeal and enforce such rules and regulations, not contrary to law or these Bylaws, as they deem expedient concerning the conduct, management and activities of NYRCHA, the admission, classification, qualification, suspension and expulsion of members, removal of Officers, the rules and regulations, governing the procedure of such suspension and expulsion and removal, the fixing and collecting of dues and fees, expenditures of money, auditing of books and filing of tax records and returns, conduction of shows, contests, exhibitions and other functions, and other details relating to the NYRCHA general purpose of NYRCHA however subject to revision or amendment by the members at any regular or special meetings. The Board of Directors must also approve expenditures of money over $1,000.00.

n. Ethics. Every Officer must abide by and sign a copy of ethics annually. Any officer found to be out of compliance with the code of ethics will vacate their position immediately and the Board of Directors shall appoint someone from the general membership to fill that position. A burden of proof is needed to carry out this removal and can include hearsay if collaborated in writing by a minimum of two members in good standing. 

   Section 2. Additional Duties  

a. Website Manager. The Website Manager is to be accepted by a current board member or a member in good standing appointed by the current board of directors for the duration of a membership year (see article III, section2). They shall maintain the NYRCHA’s website and e-mail account. At the end of his/her term the Website Manager must transfer all account information and ownership information directly to their successor. 

b. Social Media Manager. The Social Medial Manager is to be accepted by a current board member or a member in good standing appointed by the current board of directors for the duration of a membership year (see article III, section2).  They shall maintain the NYRCHA’s social media account including by not limited to Facebook. At the end of his/her term the Social Media Manager must transfer all account information and ownership information directly to their successor. 

c. Points Secretary. The Points Secretary is to be accepted by a current board member or a member in good standing appointed by the current board of directors for the duration of a membership year (see article III, section2). They shall keep a record of all members and horses shown at all NYRCHA shows and record all points accumulated for year-end awards and green rider lifetime points. At the end of his/her term the Points Secretary must transfer all point recordings directly to their successor. 

Article V Meetings 

   Section 1. Quorum: At any meeting of the membership, the quorum to conduct business is members present. Absent members will be recognized by prior request only. An absent ballot must be mailed or delivered in written form and returned to the Secretary as such. No digital, electronic or photo copied ballots will be accepted. 

   Section 2. Annual Meeting and Elections: The Annual Meeting, to be held prior to the start of the new show season, shall be held for the purpose of nominating Officers from the membership floor and for the transaction of such business as may be brought before the meeting. Two or more inspectors of the election ballots shall be appointed by the President at the Annual Meeting. 

   Section 3. Awards Banquet: The Awards Banquet may include or be considered the Annual Meeting in which, to elect officers as designated by the President. 

   Section 4. Order of Business: The Order of Business at meetings shall be as follows: Call to Order, Roll Call of Officers, Minutes of previous meeting, minutes of previous Board of Directors meeting, Treasurer’s Report, Communications and Bills etcetera, Reports of Officers and or Committees, Old Business, New Business, and Adjournment. 

   Section 5. Special Meetings: Special Meetings of the membership may be held whenever called in writing or by e-mail at the direction of the President, by a majority of the Board of Directors or by notice signed by not less than twenty percent of members in good standing. Notice of each Special Meeting indicating briefly the object or objects therefore, shall be given in the manner as provided with respect to notice of regular meetings. 

Article VI Parliamentary Authority. 

The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the NYRCHA in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these By-Laws and any special rules of order which the NYRCHA may adopt.  

Article VII Amendments. 

These By-Laws may be amended by the following procedure: A member in good standing submits a proposed change in writing at any regular meeting or meeting of the Board of Directors to be read by the Secretary. Such proposed change is then remanded to the By-Law Committee appointed by the President. Upon approval by the By-Law Committee, the proposed By-Law change is then mailed or e-mailed in ballot form to all members in good standing. These ballots must be mailed or e-mailed back to the Secretary, within two weeks of postmarked/e-mailed date, who will submit them to the Board of Directors for tabulation, with the results being announced at the next regular meeting or website. 

Article VIII Dissolution. 

In the event of dissolution of the NYRCHA for any reason whatsoever, all of the assets and property, over and above what may be required for the satisfaction of all debts and obligations, shall be distributed equally to the current NYRCHA members in good standing in compliance with the New York State Laws.