Congratulations to Erin Gendreau on winning the 
Green Rider Trophy Saddle Challenge for 2018!

Congratulations to Erin Gendreau! 2018 Green Rider Trophy Saddle Challenge

2018 Class Winners

Open Herd Work

1st Shady Lil Diamonds/Darren Bilyea

2nd Dos-O-Bodee/Bill Alguire

3rd LK Dunit Twist Shine/Holly Shockro

4th Starlights Sunday Best/Mary Bak

5th Wants Two B A Cat /Karen Black 

Non Pro Herd Work

1st Pretty Lady Rey /Sarah Emmons

2nd Lovies Lil Rey/Lisa Sykes

3rd MJ Dunit/Jacob Partridge

4th Blackjack Beretta/Tim Partridge

5th Ima Wild Feline /Lauren Partridge 

Green Herd Work

1st Pennys Got a Gun/Michelle Muir

2nd Billie Skip N Oakie / Robin Waite

3rd Montanas Peppy Spark/Shirley Casey

4th Chex Up Time/Elissa Finks 

5th Snayzie Rebel Hunter /David Casey

Open Bridle/Limited Open Bridle

Straight to Win/Darren Bilyea

Smart Like A Fox/Danielle Foust

Open Hackamore/Limited Open Hackamore

Shadys Lil Diamonds/Darren Bilyea

LK Dunit Twist Shine/Holly Shockro

Non Pro Bridle/Nov NP/Int NP Bridle 

1st MJ Dunit/Jacob Partridge

1st Starlights Sunday Best/Mary Bak

2n Ima Wild Feline/Lauren Partridge

3rd JP Bobcat/Erin Gendreau

4th Straight to Win/Barb McCaughey

5th Sarah Emmons/Pretty Lady Rey

Non Pro Limited

Lovie’s Lil Rey/Lisa Sykes

Youth Limited

Reys Blue Moon/Chloe Rourke

Sooner Little Pepto/ Kasey Snow

Green Rider 1

1st Erin Gendreau 

2nd Shirley Casey 

3rd Emily Boldt 

4th Robin Waite 

5th Crista Boldt

Green Rider II

Robin Waite

Green Horse Fence

JP Bobcat/Erin Gendreau

Green Horse Box

Nu Flying Cowboy/Mattie Budine

Green Adult Walk/Trot

Lesa Didas

Youth Walk Trot Box/Youth Walk Trot Track

Bryce Kuhn

Ranch Horse

1st LK Dunit Twist Shine/Holly Shockro

2nd Whizkey On Ice/Emily Boldt

3rd Bigdazzle/Christa Boldt

4th Nu Flying Cowboy/Mattie Budine 

5th Lil Ray/Christa Boldt

Without You Where Would We Be?

Dirty Glove Award 

Lesa Didas 

Ray Stephens

Extra Mile Award

Billi Hill~scribed

Robin Waite & Scott Waite~everything that needed to be done!